Addressing the Human element at work

Everyone has a thought system they run on. In order to make any type of change in your life or business you have to be able to step away from and look at your thought system from outside it. Every aspect of what you believe to be true needs to be looked at without judgment and assessed for what it really is. Am I really performing to the best of my abilities? Are my processes really efficient or do I just believe they are.

Groups have active thought systems as well.

Group think mentality can be very dangerous when a goal is set and the Team rushes for results and accepting processes work the way they believe them to be. Trusting the data when you really are twisting the data to meet your goal. You can’t twist the truth to meet your desired outcome.

The media presents stories based on their political collective group think mentality with a goal of ratings and money well before reporting the truth.

This same type of thinking can also affect any company. The emperor is naked comes to mind. Everyone wants to please the boss no one wants to tell the top dog we’re going in the wrong direction.

Author: johnedwardtoth

Getting to know the Being within. On the journey into the non-physical where it all begins.

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